The Hottest New Game Show - “Win Temporary Car Insurance!”

There have been a lot of crazy game shows over the years, many of which have gone on to become massive hits. Shows where contestants have to eat disgusting things for money, or shows which pit mentally-deficient contestants against each other in a battle to survive. Some say these shows appeal only to morons, and the fact that they are giant successes is a sign that humanity is doomed. The newest craze in game shows, aptly named “Win Temporary Car Insurance!” is no exception. The prize seems mundane, offering contestants free temporary car insurance. However this hasn’t stopped contestants from fighting desperately for the prize.

The basic premise of the show is fairly standard. Contestants answer questions related to car insurance, and the contestant with the most points wins. The alleged excitement occurs, however, in the way the show has twisted this format. “We decided that the best way to create a hit game show was to take the most unique elements of other shows, and combine them all together!” said the show’s creator. “I feel that original ideas are overrated,” he continued, “and what people really want is to watch the same thing over and over again, only packaged differently.” Contestants have to earn the right to answer a question by doing demeaning and often life-threatening stunts. One such stunt is to drive a car through the city at high speeds for 3 minutes, and if they stop for a stop light or the police, they lose. “We figured since the whole theme of the game is ‘temporary car insurance’, we might as well make some of the stunts related to driving dangerously,” the show’s creator said. “I’m really surprised anyone is dumb enough to come on this show,” he laughed. Even if the contestant manages to complete the stunt, they still have to answer difficult questions related to insurance. “Hardly anyone answers the questions correctly,” one contestant complained, “but that doesn’t stop us from trying to win that cash! Wait…you mean this isn’t for cash?”

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Most of the show’s popularity is due to its controversial nature. The damages done to the studio and surrounding areas, on average, far exceed the value of the prize. The local police chief has been trying to work with city officials to get the game shut down. “The show is not only dangerous, it’s just bad television,” the chief said, “The host is annoying, the contestants are idiots, and it’s just a terrible, terrible show.” Further investigations have shown that none of the crew involved with the show even have insurance themselves. The police chief said, “None of them have any insurance at all. Not temporary or long term car insurance…nothing. It’s ironic, in a way.” Despite the controversy involved, the show-runners have no plans to end the show anytime soon. “As long as there are schmucks in the world, this show will be a hit,” the show’s creator snickered.

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