On first impressions, it seems as if carinsurancefor1day.co.uk would like to keep things simple. As someone who prefers content over style, I found this was no bad thing. As for the large text which takes up most of the home page, it came across as a little unsure of itself. At times, it appeared almost apologetic in tone. Examples of this would be add-on lines such as ‘…so, it’s worth a try isn’t it?’ or ‘…if you wished to do so.’ This tone seemed almost too polite, too ‘honest’ in some respects. Elsewhere it states ‘There is no guarantee that you would qualify for cover of course.’ As much as this is true, I feel a lot of other websites would simple say ‘Click on the link and see if you qualify for cover.’

I also found the order of the sidebar a little confusing. Ideally, I would expect the most useful link to be at the top. However, the top link here simply states ‘Car auctions’. The next one says ‘Classic cars’. This didn’t seem as important as the third link down which was ‘Do you qualify?’ I also feel the button link for ‘One day car insurance’ on the subpages would be clearer if it was just marked ‘Home page’ and also made the bottom link.

I clicked on the quotation button. I’m glad I did because I found out the actual one-day car insurance price was surprisingly low. I also found the quotation price was very easy to find out via the drop-down menu which was excellent. I also liked the best price guarantee sign next to the price I was quoted which was also reassuring. I feel if I had an idea the price was that reasonable from the moment I clicked on the site, I wouldn’t have had so many doubts in the beginning. This in turn made me think some price examples would have been helpful on the home page.

My overall impression was that, initially, www.carinsurancefor1day.co.uk, its tone, layout and text didn’t inspire confidence because it wasn’t confident itself. This was a pity because the actual product and price was very appealing. As such, I feel perhaps the journey from the home page to the quotation price needs to be more inviting and persuading than it actually is right now.

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